Thursday, June 9, 2011

FINI...m'ale Haiti =(

June 9 2011
Today marks our last night in Les Cayes! Tomorrow morning will be our last in the clinic, and then we hop in the van and head off to Port au Prince.  We'll spend a night at the Medical Teams International house in Port au Prince, and head to the airport Saturday afternoon. We'll spend the night in Miami (where we will finally have hot water for our showers...and air conditioning), and head back to Chicago first thing Sunday morning!

As we reflect upon our journey, we are all super sad to leave this beautiful country, our new friends, our patients whom we have seen make tremendous progress (their motivation is so inspiring), and will miss the friendly culture. Everyone has been so welcoming to us and have bid us a "Bonjour or Bonswa!" and flash their bright smiles at us as we pass by, or even stop us to practice their English and share about their life stories and how God has been good to them despite the difficulties in their life. Though we will miss Haiti, we must admit we will not miss the large cockroaches that haunt our dreams and live underneath our beds, the trillion mosquitos that leave our legs looking chickenpoxed, the freezing water that causes us to contort our bodies to avoid the water as much as possible, the hair frizz, and how can we describe this-the AWFUL smell radiating from our clothing, shoes, and..selves, and most of all the RAIN (just to name a few)! Today was the first day since last Wednesday that it did not rain, so we enjoyed some time outside this afternoon, and will spend the evening playing cards on the porch. This has been such a wonderful experience in Haiti and we are so thankful for this opportunity to learn about a culture so different from our own. Since it is our last night, we will be keeping our last post short (we don't want to miss out on precious time we can spend with our friends on our last night!). So refer to the photos below as a sum up of our past days:

Inpatient hospital floor
This was a busy week for fractures. Unfortunately, many of them are not set properly, or are not surgically repaired when they need to be.

We organized the wound care drawer, where-surprise! A cockroach family made their home...until Lauren rudely threw them outside today.

Philostene, standing with no assistance, we are so proud of his progress!
The local water source. The water comes from an underground spring, and is used for cooking, cleaning, and drinking (for those who cannot afford clean drinking water)

The Medical Teams International House where we have been residing at

Us with a few of our Haitian friends in our last night in Les Cayes!!!

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