Monday, June 6, 2011

The inondasyon!

Today was the sixth consecutive day of nonstop rain. We had a tiny break from it this afternoon, and then it started right back up again! On Saturday, we were tired of being cooped up at the house, so we ventured out in the rain for market day. We could not believe how flooded the entire city was, and even more amazing was that knee (sometimes waist deep) water didn't stop market day from happening. We spent the rest of the night playing card games and chatting with our new Haitian friends. It was great to get back to the clinic today, and we're excited to see our patients make progress. Here's a picture summary of our lives for the past few days:

SEED-an organization that helps sustainable agriculture. The fields have all flooded since the rain started

Les Cayes for Saturday market day. The shallow parts were ankle deep

The cars cause waves that are lapping onto front porches

Somehow, we didn't see any cars/bikes get stuck! Not quite sure how...

Conference in the street

We resorted to sharing ponchos since there weren't enough to go around

A little rain won't stop her from Saturday shopping!

The wharf-instead of beach, the shore is lined with trash

The floods pick up and carry the garbage all around town

Riding a bike while holding an umbrella and groceries is a skill you learn when it rains this much

The goats try to escape the rising waters

Tricia enjoying our market purchases. We're still not quite sure what they are...but they taste good!

Lauren checks the blood pressure of Denise, who recently had a stroke, to make sure she is safe to exercise

Tricia works with Olivia, who had a stroke last year and still works hard in therapy

Lauren and Amanda work on balance with Denise.

This boy is getting fit with the prosthesis that we saw made in the shop last week (see the pictures from last week)

He's a pro-after a few minutes of practice he's ready to go!

A busy Monday morning in the clinic

Lauren and Maureen work with Phelostene, who has made some huge improvements since we first saw him last week! He stood independently for the first time today.

Tricia works with Bernard, who has a below the knee amputation on his left leg, and a recent partial foot amputation on the right side. He will be fit for a prosthesis this week, so hopefully he will be able to leave the hospital soon

Maureen works with a woman who has severe burns on her arm and trunk. We try to keep her moving as much as we can so she doesn't form scars that limit her motion.

Amanda gets Bernard up and putting some weight through his right foot, which he has not done for quite a while

Our crew, after we finished up with our patients today

We're pretty bad at pronouncing Haitian names, so our friends spelled out their names for us in bananagrams tiles.

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  1. Thanks for the update, its great to see what you are doing!!!!! I guess we shouldn't complain about the few rain days we have had here.........keep up the awesome job under less than optimal circumstances- the smiling faces say it all....