Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's times like these I wish I had a bedpan...

Ah, the joys of FINALLY tucking every centimeter of mosquito net under your mattress only to realize you have to go to the bathroom one more time before bed.

We have had a great couple of days in the clinic. We have gotten to meet some wonderful people, and have a great group of hard working patients. We are now proficient in some "PT" phrases in Kreyol, such as: stand up (kanpe); sit down (chita); lay down (kouche); walk (marche) and some body parts (arm, leg, head, etc), allowing us to put together a few sentences. We celebrated Lauren's birthday today, and 4 out of 5 of us are now registered for boards (Mesi anpil Katie!)

Currently, we are in the middle of the longest, loudest rainstorm we have ever experienced, which has taught us that mosquitoes also do not like to be outside in the rain. Thank you mosquito nets (and 40% DEET).

Here are some pictures that summarize our last couple of days:

Break time at the clinic
Documentation station? 
Kara and Lauren conference like DPTs
The crew: Marvin (prosthetist), Berto, Kelly, Isaac, Joe and Ronnie
Us after a long, hot morning in the clinic
Maureen and Lauren work with Vekson, a 4 year old boy, in a stander
Vekson enjoying some theratube
Maureen finds a creative use for the swiss ball pump 
Amanda teaching a kiddo some useful balance reactions
Amanda practicing signs (toy) with Kensley, a two year old who is mostly blind and deaf

Kara examines the external fixator on Loulouse, who fractured both her femur and tib/fib in the earthquake last year. Her left leg still has not healed. 
Berto translates for Kara and Loulouse

Lauren works with Denise, who had a stroke and is completely flaccid on the right side. Check out those knee blocking skills...
Soccer match in the pouring rain. The sheep are actually the goalposts. Just kidding. However, only moments earlier, the goat attempted to block a goal with his knees. He then left the field, defeated. 
The poor goalie, emerging from the cornfields with the soccer ball after Maureen scores yet another goal

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  1. Never imagined hearing that phrase.......... Good to see all those smiling faces (including all of yours).